Preparation & Installation

Preparation & Quote

ARCHITECTURAL STONE will work with you from beginning to end on your stone project. To begin, contact our company and provide your drawing to us. In the event you do not have a drawing available a member of our field measure personnel will personally assess the scope of the project at no cost to you.

Once we gain an appreciation for your décor, style and space, and the project has been thoroughly discussed, the area will be measured and a bid will be calculated (based on the drawing, details and material selected). You will be informed what ARCHITECTURAL STONE can do for your home or business, including, but not limited to edge profiles, backsplash options, tile design and layout, finishes, structural elements (columns, floors and walls) and architectural elements (fireplaces, window and door surrounds).

Approval, Fabrication and Installation

Select the stone for your project. We have relationships with numerous suppliers of stone located throughout the Bay Area. Our clients are able to locate the exact color, grade and quantity needed for their scope of work. Your selection will then be shipped to ARCHITECTURAL STONE’S fabrication facility, at which time a tear-out of your existing material can be scheduled. (Whether the tear-out is performed by you or ARCHITECTURAL STONE, it is at this time that a tear-out should begin in order to help minimize disruption in your home or your business.)

A template of the project is scheduled. (If your project includes countertops, it is at this time that your existing countertops must be removed. New sinks, cook tops, and other appliances must be on-site for templates and accurate measurements.) Your original quote is compared to the template and is reviewed. In the event the scope of work changes, you will need to sign a Change Order.

ARCHITECTURAL STONE may require you to initial and approve various items, such as seam placement, overhangs, etc.

Production time will vary and depend on the scope of work. Installation is scheduled as soon as it is possible. Typically, your “artistry in stone work” is completed between 5-10 business days. ARCHITECTURAL STONE offers Same Day installation on countertop projects.

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